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Dr. Watkins and his talented staff are fully committed to offering the very best in dental services in a friendly and caring environment. We strongly believe that our efforts must begin with a thorough evaluation and proper diagnosis. This workup allows a detailed discussion of options and alternatives to ensure that our patients make informed decisions regarding their care. Our ultimate goal is the longterm preservation of a healthy dentition as an essential component of one’s health in general. We hope you will find our office and philosophy of care consistent with your needs and expectations and we look forward to being a part of your personal healthcare team.

About the Practice

Our focus is to assist each individual in maintaining a healthy, functional and esthetically pleasing dentition over time. If you already have a healthy dentition, maintaining it may simply entail sound prevention measures such a regular visits to our hygienist and an annual examination by Dr. Watkins. In situations where your dental health is not optimal and specific problems exist, we will educate you about any dental concerns and the corrective treatment approaches that are available.

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The practice is geared predominantly towards adults and is founded on the medical concept of interdisciplinary care. Simply stated, some dental problems and their treatment require Dr. Watkins to work in a coordinated way with other dental specialists to achieve a successful result. Examples might include having a surgeon place a dental implant so that a missing tooth may be replaced, or having a periodontist treat a gum condition prior to an esthetic procedure to improve the appearance of the teeth. Although each person and situation is unique, in every case we begin by establishing a plan that is designed to meet your needs and personal goals.